Letter to Bring Attention to All Children Who Have Been Affected By Child Abuse

This is an open letter to all the actresses, actors, athletes, musicians, singers and all the famous people of the world.

I have decided to write this letter for many reasons. My main reason is to bring attention to all the children of the world who have been affected by child abuse, neglect, molested, sexually abused, raped, killed or murdered at the hands of someone that was suppose, or should have, loved and protected them. I am a Child Abuse Advocate. I fight daily for all the Cheyenne Davis’, Conner Bachuss’, Baby Brianna’s and Baby Alissa’s of the world. I speak for those who can’t speak out and protect themselves against their abusers, rapists and killers.

Through this letter if I come off hard or rough, I must admit I am sorry, but I am mad as hell! If this letter offends you in any way, let me assure you I am equally offended every time I pick up a newspaper, turn on the radio or television and hear a child has been abused, raped or killed. There are millions of children affected by abuse; emotional, physical and sexual, as well as killed because people could not control themselves, and there are only a handful of people strong enough and willing to stand up, speak out and fight for these children.

There is so much anger, hate, violence and evil in the world, and all of you are partly responsible. You all have so much influence on the public, but you refuse to use that influence in a positive manner that could help change the world and more importantly help those in need of this life claiming epidemic known as child abuse.

Let me guess, you are sitting there thinking how does this affect me or what do I have to do with it, and you don’t think you are partly responsible? Right? Well, think again?

All of you get paid big bucks to act, sing, dance and entertain us. And We, the public, supports you every step of the way, going to the theater to see your movies; buying your cd’s; attending you games; sporting events; purchasing your clothing lines; sports gear; sneakers; video games and the list goes on and on. Sometimes I think you forget the public is 100% responsible for your fame by supporting you, and providing you with the money to live in your big fancy homes, drive your fancy cars, give you that celebrity status that so many strive for and provide a good life for you and your family, right? But when was the last time you did something for someone else, or donated your time to help an abused child? When was the last time you spoke up and helped an abused child in need? When was the last time you took a stand and publicly spoke out about child abuse, child sexual abuse or a child being murdered by their abuser? When was the last time? You made the time to promote yourself and your work on television, the news, walking the red carpet and press releases, but what about the children? How often do you stop and think of the children who have been abused, raped or killed?

You can’t even turn television on or go see a movie in the theater without a big rating gracing the screen. This is even the morning programing. Heck, even cartoons have ratings and warnings. There are more cuss words during the morning line up on television than a foul mouth truck driver could say in a year. And, let’s not overlook the music business. There are those that refer to women as sluts, hoes and bitches, refer to hitting/abusing a woman as “smack a bitch,” or fantasizing about slitting a girlfriend/wife’s throat and killing her. And, let’s not forget those who portray and condone the use of drugs, guns and violence. Is this what we as a society have become? Is this what we want for future generations? Violence and hate?

I know there are warning labels. I know all about those parental advisory stickers, movie and television ratings, but let’s get real with ourselves for a minute. Everyone knows a label on a movie or cd, or a rating on a movie or television screen does not ensure a child will not hear or see these materials. More than not, they will, and they will be GREATLY influenced. You and I both know this no matter how many times you try to convince yourself a child will not see or hear it… they will. And, the sad part is they will carry these actions into their own lives. There are people in this world that can not separate “fiction” or “fantasy” from “reality.”

What are we teaching our youths of tomorrow? Our future leaders? The people that are going to be running this country? Are we teaching them it is okay to hurt, abuse or kill the ones they love? Even their own children? If it was your child would you feel the same way? Who do our future leaders of tomorrow have to look up to or respect? Who is their role model? What or who will they base their life on? YOU! Do we really want our children of tomorrow to live in a country that thinks it is “cool” to act or live in such a manner? I know, I don’t.

Still not convinced?

Have you ever sat down and read the daily child abuse headlines? Do you know how many children are affected by abuse each day? How many children are raped each year? Or how many children die each year to their abusers?

I know child abuse is ugly. NO one wants to see, hear or read about it, but NO child deserves to be abused, raped or murdered! People need to remember what these innocent children go through! How they suffer! As in the case of Conner Bachuss. He was 2 years old. He could NOT protect himself against his abuser and murder Ronald Saunders! Conner Bachuss was tortured and murdered because he wanted his Mommy. After Conner arrived at the hospital doctors found multiple injuries including bruising on his face and neck, internal bleeding, severe brain damage and two large bruises on his back. He also had 114 small puncture wounds and doctors also removed a thumbtack from the top of Conner’s stomach. He had no chance of life and Ronald Saunders is responsible for that!

In the cases of 5 month old Baby Brianna. She had no chance of life and her father, mother and uncle is responsible for that! She was repeatedly raped time and time again by her father and uncle, and used as a human football that lead to her death. Her own mother did nothing to protect her. Instead she helped torture her for months. Her grandmother and uncle refused to report the abuse in fear of losing her. Instead she lost her life. When her death was investigated there was not even one photograph of her found smiling, laughing or playing in their home.

Baby Cheyenne Rae Davis who was shook her while she was in the care of her “father” James Davis Jr on Friday August 17, 2012, causing Shaken Baby Syndrome, as well as a skull fracture. She is still struggling and fighting, daily, to recover. As her little body heals no one really knows how much damage was done to this innocent baby.

Alissa B. Guernsey who was fatally beaten by her caregiver, Christy Shaffer. The justice system did not value Alissa’s short life enough to properly punish the person who took her final breath. Alissa was born a beautiful, healthy, and happy baby. She was PERFECT. In Alissa’s photographs before she was in Christy’s care show her full of laughter, love, and life. Alissa was in the care of Christy when all these “unexplainable” bruises, bald spots in her hair, cuts, and a broken arm appeared on her sweet little body. In 16 weeks, Alissa saw a doctors 15 times! Yes… 15 times! All of those injuries ARE explainable because Christy Shaffer hurt her. Alissa lived the last 3 months of her life in constant pain and fear. Her killer was sentenced to 10 years in prison, 6 years of that sentence was suspended. Her killer served 77 days in jail and was released. Christy Shaffer served 77 days for killing an innocent baby. Is this justice?

These are just a few cases out of hundreds of thousands. Don’t you find these cases sickening and heartbreaking?

These children were all born beautiful, healthy and happy. They were perfect and filled with love and life. Someone else choose their fate. Those beatings must have been horrific for a baby. Can’t you see how their little lives slipped away, were stolen by people that couldn’t control themselves? How scared must they have been looking into the eyes of their abuser, or killer? How desperately did they wish they could communicate, TELL someone and ask for HELP, to anyone that would just listen?

These babies lives were stolen by people who could not control their actions due to anger, violence and rage. The same actions are portrayed on television, in the movies and through music and other work by all of you. We need to help set examples! We need to educate the public and show the world that Child Abuse is Punishable by law, and when the death of a child occurs from a direct result of the abuse, actions need to be taken and enforced. These babies deserves JUSTICE!! We as a society need to stand up and fight for new laws against child abusers and child murders, and these laws need to be enforced, but most of all we need child abuse education. We need someone, anyone, with great influence to stand up and speak for these children who can not speak for themselves. To let people know it is NOT okay to hurt, abuse or kill our children. All the children; yours, mine and ours.

Most people don’t think about abuse because it does not affect them. But what if for one second it did? The first thing you need to ask yourselves is what if that was your child or grandchild. Would you want that person that abused, raped or killed your child/grandchild to pay for their crime? Or would you want them to serve a light sentence and be back on the streets to hurt, rape or kill more children?

Don’t you think that you owe the public back for all they have given you? All of you want your moment in the spotlight, and you get it daily from all of us. Hundreds and thousands of these child abuse-murder cases go unheard. These children have NO voice! Don’t you think these children deserve better? Don’t you believe they, too, deserve to be heard? There is no spotlight for these children other than a few lines in the newspaper or 15 seconds on television announcing another child was victimized and/or killed at the hands of their abuser. Don’t these children deserve to live? Have the chance to grow up, have a family of their own, live and enjoy life. Shouldn’t they too have their time to shine? Have their moment in the spotlight, as you do?

People that abuse and kill children have NO remorse and refuse to take responsibility for their actions. How can we allow this? We need to unite as one. We need to educate the public and stop this vicious and deadly epidemic stealing our children.

I personally invite all of you to contact me and share your thoughts with me whether you agree with me or not. I am open to listening to what you have to say, as I hope you are equally open to hearing what I have to say.

I personally invite all of you to join me in my efforts and other advocates around the world to end this life threatening epidemic, protect our children and give these children and future generations their time to live, laugh and love.

We are these children’s Army, and I refuse to leave any soldier behind.

Sincerely, Donna M. Kshir

Letter to Bring Attention to All Children Who Have Been Affected By Child Abuse.

One thought on “Letter to Bring Attention to All Children Who Have Been Affected By Child Abuse

  1. Donna, Thank you for your very moving comment. Connor Bachuss was my grandson. He was loved by his family and everyone who met him. He was really a happy little boy, who loved his mom and brother and sisters. The murder, Ronald Saunders II has showed no remorse. He and his family still try ,to say he took a afford deal, so he did not say he was guilty. This hurt Connor’s family still. People thing once a person is sentenced it is over and stops for the family. WE live with it every day and will for ever. Hopefully with people like you to help we can make a different in some childs life. THANK YOU

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