Renovo Storytellers

Imagine being able to capture and share the most cherished memories of your town, the people, the buildings that have fallen into disrepair, the empty lots where thriving businesses used to stand and the relationships with the people you love the most for future generations to experience.

Renovo is a small town nestled in the endless mountains of north-central Pennsylvania, known as the heart. Renovo native Donna Kshir has spent the last few years speaking and recording information she found; beginning a journey back to the past through storytelling. Through a series of short stories Donna has the ability to share the many, many, things she has learned about the Renovo area that she was unaware of before, found some new, interesting and amusing facts, and along the way made a few new friendships that will last a lifetime.

Now, join her journey back to the past with Renovo Storytellers.

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