People Helping People

Advocates United for Humanity (AU4H) is an all volunteer, small grassroots organization based in North Bend, Pennsylvania providing vital resources and support to those in need.

Currently AU4H is hosting a fundraiser, People Helping People, to provide free community outreach programs to children. Last year, AU4H hosted Holiday Smiles, a Warming Tree, the Community Closet to children of the Keystone Central School District, The Sky’s the Limit youth program, Comfort Bears to local law enforcement officers, an anti-bullying campaign and an Emergency food Pantry Assistance Program.

Advocates United for Humanity (AU4H)
Advocates United for Humanity (AU4H) collage.

AU4H envisions a world where all children can live free of violence and fear. We envision a world where they can focus on being children and growing into the very best version of their authentic selves. We strive to help make the world a better and safer place for all humanity. We help to build confidence in the younger generation for the future of humanity through various community projects, team-building exercises, and fun activities.

AU4H’s goal is to enhance quality of life for those affected by violence. They lead positive social change through resources, services and networking.

The organization was founded in June 2016 by best friends and sister advocates Donna Kshir and Lee Roberts. These leading ladies have volunteered their time and talents with various non-profit organizations over their lifetime, animal rights, volunteered at their children’s schools, in youth groups and gives of themselves as much as they can.

Both women are highly respected activists dedicating their voice to Conner’s Law – Kentucky, uniting with Erin’s Law, Animal Rescue and Rights, Children’s Rights, Missing and Unidentified Persons, the Homeless, Domestic Violence, Writing and Publishing Books, Educational Radio Broadcasts and the Deaf Community.

To show your support, make a donation or volunteer, visit their website at:

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