The Grinch Brings Holiday Cheer

Local Humanitarian group Advocates United for Humanity is adding a little extra Christmas spirit to the community this holiday season. In addtion to their yearly Secret Santa program the group is adding the Grinch that Stole Christmas.

Advocates United for Humanity Founders and Fundraiser Coordinator and ‘Frozen Tears’ author Maureen Ruhl, wanted to do something to bring a little extra holiday joy to area children. The trio each have grandchildren of their own who love the movie ‘The Grinch the Stole Christmas’ so it was pretty clear they needed to somehow incorporate the Grinch.

Board of Directors President Donna Kshir had an idea and Ruhl ordered a Grinch costume and together the trio came up with a dance accompanied by the Grinch theme song.

A knock comes to the door, the Grinch places a bag of goodies by the front of the door, in true Grinch fashion he tries to steal the bags before finding his heart and leaving the goodies behind. He does a little dance while the theme song plays in the background while a video is recorded and photographs are taken to capture the children’s expressions.

Ruhl said, ‘I don’t know who enjoys it more. Us, the kids or the parents. Donna and I are having a lot of laughs and the kids and their familes love it, but best of all its for a good cause. AU4H does so much in the community to help kids, but sometimes the community’s support is just not there. Its good knowing people appericate AU4H.’

The parents are asked to give a small donation that will go towards free community outreach programs. Last year, AU4H hosted Holiday Smiles, a Warming Tree, the Community Closet to children of the Keystone Central School District, The Sky’s the Limit youth program, Comfort Bears to local law enforcement officers, an anti-bullying campaign and an Emergency food Pantry Assistance Program.

AU4H strives to help make the world a better and safer place for all humanity. 

Advocates United for Humanity was founded in June 2016 by bestselling authors and sister advocates Donna M. Kshir and Lee Roberts. These leading ladies have volunteered their time and talents with various non-profit organizations over their lifetime, animal rights, volunteered at their children’s schools, in youth groups and gives of themselves as much as they can, as their health allows.

Both women are highly respected activists dedicating their voice to Conner’s Law – Kentucky, uniting with Erin’s Law, Animal Rescue and Rights, Children’s Rights, Missing and Unidentified Persons, the Homeless, Domestic Violence, Writing and Publishing Books, Educational Radio Broadcasts and the Deaf Community.

For more infomation on the Grinch or AU4H programming, visit their official website or email them at

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