AU4H Behind the Scenes

Sister advocates, best friends, long time popular, but controversial online radio hosts Donna Kshir, Lee Roberts, and Laurie Ann Smith are back on the air hosting AU4H Radio.

The trio is best known for their controversial voices in effort of seeking truth and justice for children exposed to abuse. Each speaks out and writes against these injustices done onto children. Their mission is to raise public awareness in effort to stop child abuse to create a safe enviroment for children around the globe. 
Many have asked if this is ‘going to be just another show about child abuse?’ 

Simply put… No! 

AU4H Radio is going to be much, much more than a discussion about child abuse. Kshir, Smith and Roberts will be discussing various hot topics, social issues and relevant topics in effort to create positive social change. Most of all, they promise to keep it real.

The show will be available on several podcast formats, but also a look behind the scenes while taping the show will play stream LIVE Wednesday nights at 9pm EST. 

The trio invites you to grab a cuppa and join them at the table.

Check out their website at and our AU4H Radio Facebook page, Twitter at for upcoming show listings and Live Stream events on YouTube (AU4H Radio).

Now would be a good time to subscribe to our channel and click that like button!! 

We hope to see you there!

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