Where is Jessie?

It’s been a quiet four years for local author and activist Donna Kshir. Ms. Kshir, best known for her controversial opinion saying the unthinkable to grab people’s attention to create public awareness for child abuse and Conner’s Law, took a brief pause following an injury that left her recovering but now she’s back making waves. Airwaves that is.

While recovering, Ms. Kshir was quietly working behind the scenes with her best friend and sister advocate Lee Roberts continuing to create greater awareness and educate the public for the topics that no one wants to talk about. Many topics including child abuse and mental health have a stigma attached and are difficult topics of discussion for many people. Kshir and Roberts were looking for a unique way to help break the stigma and let people know they don’t need to suffer in silence or fear repercussions when coming forward. 

Once they had a format for a new talk show, AU4H Radio ‘Real Talk,’ they sensed there was still one important part of the puzzle missing. The duo had advocated for 8 years with their dear friend and sister advocate Laurie Ann Smith and there was no question in their minds about bringing Smith aboard as AU4H Radio Show Coordinator. Smith, who resides in Calgary, is well known for her radio show, ‘The Whole Issue.’ 

Now the trio was back together. It was time to get to work. There was one topic in particular that laid heavy on their hearts, missing persons, and that was the start of a dynamic show. 

On Monday, March 29, AU4H Radio’s ‘Real Talk’ podcast aired on iHeart Radio with a two-part interview with Glendene Grant, the founder of Mother’s Against Trafficking Humans. Grant is the mother of the missing woman from Calgary, Alberta Canada, Jessie Foster. 

March 29 was the 15th anniversary of Jessie Foster’s disappearance in North Las Vegas. Jessie was 21 years old at the time she went missing. Glendene has been searching for her daughter along with law enforcement officers and investigators, but there is currently no new evidence in the case. Grant just wants her daughter to come home and she will stop at nothing to make that happen. 

Grant sat down with Ms. Kshir, Roberts, and Smith for a two-part series hoping to shed light on the case. Glendene shared Jessie’s story from her childhood up until the time she went missing. The interview was a rollercoaster of emotions as memories shared elicited both joy and sadness. This is the first time anyone sat down with Grant and heard the detailed story of Foster’s childhood that she shared with us. Foster was a fun, popular girl with big dreams. She loved city life, being a prankster, dancing, and loved life in general. Now, with her missing almost 2 decades there are still so many unanswered questions as to what happened, where she is, who took her, and the inaccurate details of the ongoing investigation. 

This in-depth interview captured the attention and the hearts of people around the globe asking ‘Where is Jessie?’ 

AU4H Radio ‘Real Talk’ airs live Wednesday nights at 9 pm EST. A behind-the-scenes sneak peek also airs on YouTube with captions. They are working on providing show transcripts to reach the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities. Tune into the two-part interview with Grant, or other shows, on iHeartRadio: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-au4h-radio-real-talk-78312009/

If anyone has any information on Jessica Foster or her whereabouts they are asked to contact Glendene at (250)259-3694, or the North Las Vegas Police Department at (702)633-9111, Private Investigator Gil Alba of Alba Investigations, or Monica Caison at CUE Center for Missing Persons.  

Source: AU4H RADIO – Real Talk (www.au4h.weebly.com)

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