Mikey J performs at The New Way Bar

“As most of you know I LOVE music. Recently I had the honor of seeing my good friend Michael Rayner perform LIVE at The New Way Bar. Here is my thoughts on his performance.”

Summer may officially be over, but that doesn’t mean hip hop is in hibernation.

Last night, I was blessed with the honor of attending a live music event at The New Way Bar in Ferndale, Michigan.

As I watched my friends Mikey J and the crew of Ray Lo Entertainment take center stage, I couldn’t help but think about the last year and how hard they have worked since they became a part of my life.

It’s a blessing to be both a fan and a friend of a music artist. There’s nothing in this world quite like it. The best way for me to describe it is, it feels like an incredible bolt of energy shooting through your veins and you are instantly filled with excitement and pride when you see your friend up on stage, but that energy is magnified by ten times when you see their natural, God given talents and abilities rocking a crowd. Probably because I had seen Mikey J’s talent from the very beginning, and I know just how far his talents can take him.

When Mikey J took the stage, I was nervous. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him perform live in front of a crowd, and I had never seen him perform live with the whole Ray Lo Entertainment crew; Eric Rayner, Mark Rayner and Jason Lollie.

I kept looking at his face from the front row of the crowd. I focused on his eyes trying to gauge in on his true emotions. I saw a bit of nervousness. I even saw a little bit of fear, but in truth, it looked good on him. He appeared eager and hungry, as the young artist I had first met over a year ago. This made me feel good about his performance.

I saw him rock a crowd in fifteen minutes, leaving them intoxicated by his rhythmic, innovative use of instrumentals combined with a dose of pure lyrical genius that allowed on looking fans to understand his dedication, share his enthusiasm for hip hop, while validating his beliefs and expressing himself. In fifteen minutes he made me believe in Michigan and more importantly in hip hop.

He recently told me that an article I wrote about him was one of the best he had ever read about himself. Me an emerging writer and him a future superstar. He has thanked me many times for my work and he has consistently rewarded me with his friendship. And now, as he takes his first step forward to new beginnings, fortune and fame with his hot, new mix tape, “On Deck,“ I walk with him. And from the turnout at last night’s event, I am not alone.

For more on Mikey J, check him out at his Myspace:http://www.myspace.com/mikeyjayay

By: Donna Kshir

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