Take Action: Sign Today

Take Action:

Sign the Petition to Help Protect Our Children

Donna Kshir and Lee Roberts

Humanitarian group Advocates United for Humanity is proposing an amendment to make the Central Registry, which is currently private, available to the public. 

The Central Registry is a private database that law enforcement and state agencies use when they receive suspected abuse or neglect reports. The reports from the database aid social services agencies in their investigation, treatment, and prevention of child abuse cases. These records are used to conduct background checks on prospective foster and adoptive parents, daycare workers, schools, volunteers, and employment. 

However, the current Central Registry leaves millions of parents and caregivers nationwide in the dark on how to protect their children from those convicted of child abuse and neglect.

The proposed amendment to the current private Central Registry would make the registry available to the public. It would require law enforcement agencies to make available information on individuals convicted of child abuse or death related to child abuse.

This proposed amendment would monumentally impact the lives of children and families by significantly reducing the number of children exposed to abuse and neglect. 

Once the petition reaches 5,000 signatures it will be presented to Clinton/Lycoming County, Pennsylvania State Representative Stephanie Borowicz for her sponsorship. If Borowicz agrees to sponsor the amendment, she will then present it to the House of Representatives.  

For more information, visit Advocates United for Humanity’s official website 

Sign the petition NOW!! 

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