Highlights from an interview with Laurie Ann Smith

AU4H RADIO Real Talk hosts, Donna Kshir and Lee Roberts, interview their co-host, Laurie Ann Smith. Laurie speaks about her book, surviving child abuse, their friendship and her biggest supporter, her husband Cecil.

Join Donna, Laurie and Lee on Real Talk on AU4H RADIO!

Donna, Lee and Laurie are best friends, sister advocates and have been hosting online radio shows for many years and have been guests in multiple shows sharing their knowledge, experiences, educating the public and creating awareness on a myriad of topics. Podcasts are available on iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, Sound Cloud, Anchor and other broadcasting formats. #au4h #au4hradio #realtalk #donnakshir #leeroberts #laurieannsmith #podcasts #radio

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