Justice for Nicole and Jasmine Snyder

Three-year-old, Jasmine Snyder and six-year-old Nicole Snyder in the spring/summer 2015. The last time their paternal grandfather Robert Snyder saw them. Photo courtesy of Mr. Snyder.

Although I love being a voice for children. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I have shed so many tears over children who have been abused, abandoned and lost their lives that sometimes I can’t catch my breath. I need to walk away and try to breathe.

A few weeks ago I was at home enjoying some time with the little loves of my life – my grandchildren. The nightly news was on in the background and it told of a gruesome discovery. Two young girls, ages six and three, bodies were found buried in a mega shift grave in the backyard of a home near Williamsport, Pennsylvania. As I listened to the report tears streamed down my cheeks. How any mother could (and allow her girlfriend to) starve (only feeding them peas and water), restrain, force her daughters to take cold showers and baths, stand in the corner for hours on end, slam her girls into walls, and hit them on the heads and mouths confuses the hell out of me. I would give my life to save my babies and these women freely tortured these children and watched them take their last breath, and had NO remorse. NONE!! They discarded their tiny bodies like trash and buried them in the backyard.

As I listened, I hugged each one of my grands tighter. I squeezed them so tight, they called out Grammmmm. I couldn’t imagine. I would give my life to save theirs and this so-called mother tortured her children to their deaths because her girlfriend ‘hated’ her children. As long as I live I will never understand why.

Both women are facing the death penalty. I always said I don’t believe in the death penalty because ONLY God has the right to choose if you live or when you die, but in this case, I have a really hard time thinking these two women deserve to live. That may seem harsh to some but it’s how I feel. I can’t. No, I won’t contain my feelings to make or keep peace with anyone. If my thoughts offend you I’m sorry. If you disagree with me, take 5 minutes and look into the eyes of your child then tell me I’m wrong.

I pray justice is served on these child killers who stole the lives of Nicole and Jasmine Snyder. I also send my thoughts and prayers to Nicole and Jasmine’s extended family. My heart hurts for their loss.

  • Donna Kshir
  • #stopchildabuse #au4h #au4hradio #children #nicolesnyder #jasminesnyder #williamsport #pennsylvania #donnakshir #saveourchildern¬† #JusticeForNicoleAndJasmineSnyder

One thought on “Justice for Nicole and Jasmine Snyder

  1. Thank you for posting this. I am simply horrified and confused over learning of this case and the torture and treatment that no living being should endure. As Mothers it is our sacred right and duty to protect our young. I pray for their souls and find some solace that they are no longer suffering.

    I am with you. #stopchildabuse

    I hope we can all have more conversations and actions as individuals,
    Communities and as a nation, to help prevent unnecessary abuse and deaths yearly.

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