Writers discuss falling short

I recently read this article, ‘Falling short: seven writers reflect on failure.’

After living through my own freelance writer’s nightmare I could easily relate to Anne Enright.

‘I have no problem with failure – it is success that makes me sad. Failure is easy. I do it every day, I have been doing it for years. I have thrown out more sentences than I ever kept, I have dumped months of work, I have wasted whole years writing the wrong things for the wrong people, Enright said.

In life, we all have those moments we are most proud of but we also have those not-so-proud moments. I’m sure, I’m not alone. I choose not to place judgment on others solely based on certain events or moments. Instead, I try to give others the benefit of the doubt. I  would want the same reception if and when I make a mistake or screw up. Otherwise, there no chance to learn or for improvement.

To read the complete article on 7 writers falling short, visit the Guardian’s website!

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