An interview with Laurie Ann Smith

‘Join Donna Kshir and Lee Roberts as they interview AU4H Radio’s Volunteer Program Coordinator Advocate, Author Laurie Ann Smith. This year marks a 10 Year Anniversary and Re-Launch of Laurie’s books – A Life of Death: The Redemption, La Veta Juvies and One Child Abuse Survivor 2 Another-The Journey. All proceeds from Laurie’s books go to fund programs to stop and prevent child abuse.

‘Laurie Ann Smith is a popular online radio talk show host, 5 x published author and voice for those whose voices were silenced due to abuse; whose lives were destroyed by abuse. Her only hope is to promote public awareness and education to help stop the cycle of abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence. Her mission is to be “one more voice” among many to help stop child abuse and to make this world a better place for everyone.’

Please visit Laurie’s website for more information at​

Source: Youtube

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