Easter in Renovo

As everyone readies for the Easter Bunny to arrive, local grassroots organization, Advocates United for Humanity, Founders Donna Kshir, Lee Roberts, and their dedicated Ambassadors for Children are trying to make Easter a little brighter for the area children.

Two weeks ago, Ms. Kshir contacted Robin Davenport at the Salvation Army Renovo located at 137, 3rd Street in Renovo to give a donation of around 100 stuffed animals. She hoped Davenport could hand out the stuffies when they handed out their monthly food boxes to area families. Davenport agreed and happily accepted the donation.

Ms. Kshir said, ‘Easter is a time to reflect and give praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It celebrates our belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Lee and I always try to do something extra special for the kids around the holidays. We want to make sure Peter Cottontail doesn’t miss a single child on our list.’

On April 5, Davenport posted several photographs on the Salvation Army Renovo Facebook page of the stuffies hanging from colorful ribbons and hung outside the building on the black iron rod fence with the caption, ‘The Salvation Army Renovo Service Center was donated a ton of stuffies for Easter so as long as it is nice out there will be free toys for the taking.’

Roberts said, ‘The simplest thing brings joy to the heart of a child. We are deeply blessed and thankful for those who donated all these stuffed animals and helped make a child’s Easter holiday brighter.’

The AU4H annual Easter Program is held in memory of their dear friend and supporter Stephen Miller.

Ms. Kshir said, ‘after losing Stephen our little writing family was devastated and completely heartbroken. We wanted to honor him and his memory, we decided to do what Stephen loved; helping children. This program means so much to me because it’s for Stephen.’

This is not the first time Advocates United for Humanity has partnered with the Salvation Army Renovo. Several years ago. they provided a warming tree of hats, gloves, and scarfs for area children in need that ran from December 2018 to April 2019.

Anyone wanting to sponsor AU4H can contact Lexi Howard at au4h@yahoo.com, or mail their donation directly to AU4H, 164 General Delivery, North Bend, PA 17760.

Advocates United for Humanity was founded on June 8, 2016, by bestselling authors and sister advocates Ms. Kshir and Roberts. These leading ladies have volunteered their time and talents with various non-profit organizations over their lifetime including animal rights, volunteering at their children’s schools, in youth groups, and give themselves as much as they can, as their health allows.

Both women are highly respected activists using their voices for Conner’s Law — Kentucky, receiving a Letter of Recommendation from Conner’s mother Mashanna Bachuss, uniting with Erin’s Law, Animal Rescue and Rights, Children’s Rights, Missing and Unidentified Persons, the Homeless, Domestic Violence, Writing and Publishing Books, Educational Radio Broadcasts (radio personalities and the creators of AU4H Radio), and the Deaf Community. Currently, these leading ladies are collecting signatures to make the current Central Registry open to the public to reduce the number of children affected by child abuse.

For more information on their Easter program, to become an ambassador or sponsor, visit AU4H’s official website www.au4h.weebly.com.

Article wrote on behalf of Advocates United for Humanity!

Photographs courtesy of Robin Davenport

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