Jessie Foster, Still Missing

The worst nightmare for a mother is to have her child go missing, but what if that same mother did everything in her power to bring her child home without any assistance from the authorities?

What Jessie Foster could look like today.

For the last 16 years, I have watched my dear friend Glendene Grant live out that nightmare following the disappearance of her daughter, Jessie Foster (born Jessica Edith Louise Foster). Jessie, originally from Canada, disappeared in northern Las Vegas, on March 29, 2006.

Put yourself in Glendene’s place for one moment. Waking up every day with the uncertainty of not knowing what happened to your daughter.

We, Lee Roberts, Laurie Ann Smith and myself, sat down with Glendene on the 15th anniversary of Jessie’s disappearance to discuss in-depth why Glendene believes her daughter was sold into sex trafficking. Glendene believes the investigation into Jessie’s disappearance could have been handled much differently. If proper measures had been taken by the northern Las Vegas Police Department following Jessie’s disappearance there may have had a different outcome and her daughter may be home by now.

I have never seen a mother fight harder to bring her daughter home. My thoughts and prayers are with Glendene and her family.

We invite you to share in that two-part series on AU4H Radio – Real Talk.

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