No Response is a Huge Response

We have had a lot of supporters asking if we contacted representatives in their prospective areas.

Yes! We have reached out to Representatives Stephanie Borowicz, Tina Davis, Pamela DeLissio, Perry Warren, Joe Hamm and Senator Cris Dush, but with the exception of Stephanie Borowicz, with whom we have a meeting the week of April 25th we are still waiting for their responses. In my opinion, no response is a HUGE response!!

Each of these men and women who represent the people of Pennsylvania did not take 5 minutes out of their day to return a phone call or reply to an email.

It’s sad when elected officials refuse to listen or address the people’s concerns. It makes you think just how much they really care about the people. As upsetting as it can be, it is also eye-opening. It can teach you a big lesson on how much they can be trusted and how many promises they keep after they are elected into office.

Remember, you rock the vote and you give them the power. If you are okay with your concerns and issues going unaddressed keep voting for the same old, same old but if you want elected officials in office that care about you, your children, your community and your state… challenge your current elected officials and make them keep their promises. When elected officials refuse to help you or your cause when in crisis we need to ask ourselves, ‘What do they actually do for the good of people in Pennsylvania?’

Elected officials campaign and make many promises but quickly after they are elected into office they forget who put them there and the promises they made. If they are quick to forget or are okay with lying to voters then ‘we the people’ need to start making better choices when voting at the polls. We need to remove the ‘liars’ out of office and support those who actually care about and support the people of Pennsylvania.

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