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Denise Maris shows her support




In July, the duo proposed to open the current Child Abuse Central Registry to provide parents and caregivers with the tool to protect their children. The idea to help better protect children came to Ms. Kshir and Roberts after 2-year-old Conner Bachuss was murdered by his mother’s then-boyfriend Ronald Saunders.

The duo told Ms. Denise Maris, if Conner’s mother, Mashanna Waggoner had known Saunders had a violent past, she would have never gotten involved with him. Saunders served 5.5 years for killing the toddler. A month after his release, he was arrested in Oklahoma on new charges of criminal abuse in the 1st degree. If April Brandt, mother of the second victim, had known about Saunders’ prior conviction, she never would have exposed her daughter to this ‘monster.’

Read full article at the News Blaze.

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