9-year-old Abigail Murphy’s book moves up in ranking

PRESS RELEASE – Northern Books is proud to announce that just 4 days following the release of ‘Kind People, Kind Hearts’ by 9-year-old Abigail Murphy it has been named the #1 new release in children’s books on bullies on Amazon Kindle and is currently #106 in the Kindle store in children’s books on bullies.

At age 1 year old, Abigail Murphy was diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis; an autoimmune disorder where white blood cells attack the hair follicles. Never knowing different Abigail embraced it to the fullest. After moving, and changing schools Abigail went toe to toe with bullying. Baldy and cue ball were names she was called regularly. Luckily for Abigail, her empathetic personality and intellectual mind combined with a 3rd-grade guardian angel teacher, Mrs. Ward, there was hope.

Allison Ward aka Mrs. Ward grew up feeling empowered and inspired by her teachers. She became a teacher to pass that gift on to her students. She is passionate about helping kids find their voice and figure out what their superpower is.

Once Abigail and Mrs. Ward had the story complete Joshua Murphy, Abigail’s father, sought out graphic artist Sydney Saathoff. Within a few weeks, Saathoff brought Abigail’s characters to life.

Saathoff is a graphic designer, illustrator, and painter that has no limits to her creativity. Embracing herself through art from doing logos for businesses to painting huge murals and now illustrating for a children’s book. She was diagnosed with MS as a child so illustrating Kind People Kind Hearts has such a special place in her heart.

With the illustrations complete, Murphy turned to his friend, writing mentor, child rights activist and the owner of Northern Books, Donna M. Kshir. Ms. Kshir and her best friend and business partner Lee ‘Cougardawn’ Roberts worked diligently to bring Abigail’s vision to life. Ms. Kshir and Roberts’ goal is to help Abigail educate as many people as possible, hoping that we all will look past one another’s exteriors and get to know each other from the inside.

Books and eBook formats are available at Amazon.com and Lulu.com, as well as other fine brick-and-mortar stores. For more information, visit Abigail’s official website at:  www.kindpeoplekindhearts.weebly.com

Photo 1 – Photo — Top Row: Abigail Murphy, the book Kind People, Kind Hearts, Allison Ward. Bottom row: Donna Kshir, Sydney Saathoff and Lee ‘Cougardawn’ Roberts.

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