A Story of Survival

I had several people ask me to share a few of my favorite books that I have written. My first would have to be A Story of Survival.

Steven Moyer was a typical teenager until an untimely car accident claimed the lives of his parents. When his immediate family refused to take him in, Steven was forced into the foster care system. Being carted from one foster home to the next (over a dozen times in two years), has made it difficult for Steven to make friends or fit in. Now in his teens, he is placed with the Joneses.

Although he is immediately made to feel welcome; once the case worker leaves, they reveal their true colors. Now Steven is forced to make the hardest decision of his life; escape or continue to experience the daily abuse that could one day cost him his life.

This powerful story takes the reader through the daily drama of a teenager’s life through his own personal memoirs. Experience Steven’s pain firsthand as you read through his journal entries during this horrific time in his life.

The book was orginally published in 2015, but the book continues to be popular.

A Story of Survival is available at Amazon.com and Lulu.com in paperback and eBook formats.

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