AU4H Radio-Real Talk-Every Child Matters-Institutional/Residential School Abuse Awareness

Join Lee, Donna and Laurie as they discuss the importance of being aware of the historical facts of the sad reality for so many children who were sent to Residential Schools or Institutions and died. Many were murdered, and many died from abuse. Families were often told that their child had run away, when in fact the child was dead and buried. In the light of the recent finding of 215 children in a mass grave in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, we want to also honour these children and all children who suffered and those who died at the hands of a caregiver whose main job was to protect them and care for them. We stand up and speak out against all abuse, and especially child abuse. Children cannot protect themselves and we must be their voice! Join us and get involved.

Every child matters! For more information, please see our websites



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