Ruhl runs for Renovo Borough Counsil #repost

On Thursday, Maureen Ruhl announced via Facebook she is running a write-in campaign for Renovo Borough Council on May 18. Ruhl, originally from Lebanon County, has lived in Renovo Borough for the last 15 years. She and her husband John love the small town feel of the community but she believes change is desperately needed, and needed now more than ever before. 

Ruhl is well known in the area as someone who isn’t afraid to speak out on tough issues. She became concerned when she heard area residents talking about Renovo Borough Council holding alleged ‘secret meetings’ behind closed doors and withholding vital information from the community. Information she believes taxpayers have the right to know. 

Concerned citizens told Ruhl they became concerned when they heard the community had no police protection. Residents believe they have a right to know why Corporal Jefferies is on paid administrative leave since March 12, and why the community is only learning about his absence a month later.

(Maureen Ruhl releases Frozen Tears.)

Ruhl said, “I’m so tired of the blame game, executive sessions and the shroud of mystery in our community. A few people know what’s going on, while the rest of us are left in the dark.”

The Elect hopeful stands with the community, she believes that the members of Renovo Borough Council are elected by the people, to represent and inform the people of vital situations surrounding the community’s growth and overall protection. By providing mis-leading information or withholding information from the community, it creates a breach of trust. When you lose trust in those representing the community; it creates great doubt that they have the community’s best interest at heart.  

Ruhl said, “It’s time for a fresh breath of transparency and being thankful and thoughtful to our citizenry.”

(Maureen Ruhl decorates warming tree at Salvation Army Renovo on behalf of Advocates United for Humanity (AU4H).)

She also expressed her compassion for homeowners in the mishandeling of the 14 Street row home containing 16 units that was declared unfit for habitation. The argument that Renovo Borough abused its discretion and erred in issuing a building condemnation notice. Ruhl believes things could have been handled a lot differently by Renovo Borough Council to save a lot of time, money and heartache. 

Seeking change, Ruhl said, “Our community needs transparency, a listening ear and a healthy dose of compassion, which I intend to offer.

If elected, Ruhl plans to have an open communication system with the community. Taxpayers can come to her with their questions and concerns. She promises to be open and honest at all times and committed to addressing the community’s concerns and needs. 

Ruhl is now retired but she is a former banker, business woman, child advocate and author of Frozen Tears. She donates her time to various organizations and charities in the community. She is dedicated to making a difference in hopes of creating a better tomorrow for future generations to come.

By: Donna Kshir 

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