How to handle a bad book review

As a writer, I dread getting bad book reviews. Even the most highly acclaimed writers in the industry get bad reviews, from time to time, whether it’s from the New York Times or an anonymous reviewer on Amazon.

Unfortunately, all too often we take it personally and even go to the extreme.

I once had someone review my photo book of the Kinzua Skywalk and complain there were too many photographs and not enough history. This kind gentleman rated it one star.

Yes, one star!

The book is full of the most incredible photographs.

It breaks my heart to see a poor rating on something I put so much time into but more for the fact it bares my late grandmother’s name, Gladys Caroline. My intent was to keep her memory alive and make her proud, but I guess when you choose to be in the public eye you are forced to deal with public opinion. Some people have no filter and they could care less about someone’s name or feelings.

Negative reviews are a killer, but there are ways to work through them. I found this incredible article at the Green Leaf Book Group that offers some tips to help you take those bad reviews with a grain of salt.

Read more HERE!

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